Safeguarding Our Children

Since 2001, the horror of the abuse of children has been seen around the world and within the ranks of the clergy and lay volunteers of our Catholic Church. In the past decade, the Church has done more than basically any other organization to protect our little ones and to build safeguards into every aspect of the life and ministry of the Church and Her clergy and volunteers.

The Minor Basilica is deeply committed to this work. Beyond mere protective structures, the Minor Basilica encourages parents to take an active role in mentoring their children and maintaining open communication about all matters of sexuality. The Catholic Church highly values sexuality and it's sacredness. If children do not come to understand their sexual nature from their parents, they will learn it from the world!

For more information about our efforts as a parish, a diocese and a universal Church, please go to the Diocese of Alexandria webpage ( and use the tab for office and ministries to go to the Safe Environment page.