Parish Pastoral Council

Following the Second Vatican Council, every parish was charged to maintain a council of lay persons to advise the pastor on all kinds of matters. The council is not executive - meaning it does not run the parish like a council of wardens. Rather, the pastor seeks the advice of the council for everything from the implementation of a program or plan to the perceived needs of the parish. Our Pastoral Council typically meets with the Rector monthly.

Present Membership

  • Laura Friedel
  • Dr. Kent Hare
  • Burley Johnson
  • Louis Lowrey
  • Henry Maggio
  • Jennifer Maggio
  • Dc. John Whitehead, Ex Officio

Parish Finance Council

In addition to the parish pastoral council, the Minor Basilica also maintains a parish finance council of lay persons with a particular background in finance and investment. Unlike the parish pastoral council which addresses all manner of topics, the parish finance council is specifically focused on the financial numbers of the parish and the maintenance of the properties of the parish. Like the parish pastoral council, the parish finance council meets monthly.

For reports on the present state of parish finances, click here.

Present Membership

  • Paul Sklar
  • Marti Vienne
  • David Stamey, Parish Trustee, Ex Officio
  • Chris Henry, Parish Trustee, Ex Officio
  • Dc. John Whitehead, Ex Officio

St. Mary's School Advisory Council

St. Mary's School was founded in 1888 as the Cathedral School of the Immaculate Conception. When the Church was demoted from Cathedral status to a simple Church Parish in 1910, it became St. Mary's School. In that time, a council of lay persons has assisted the pastor of the parish and the principal of the school in all manner of financial, social and religious aspects of the school. The council is especially helpful in the related fields of public relations and fund raising. The school advisory council meets monthly.