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End of School • Congratulations to our students, teachers, professors and administrators at the end of another school year. We have parishioners at just about every school in Natchitoches Parish and we’re all so very thankful for the challenging yet necessary work that you do. Thank you on behalf of all the parishioners of the Minor Basilica for your efforts! St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for them!

Summer appointments & Office Hours • Father Ryan will be taking two short vacations this summer. He will be gone from Monday, May 23 through Friday, May 27 and from Monday, June 13 through Friday, June 17. Additionally, beginning on Tuesday, May 31, the parish office will keep summer hours meaning that morning appointments are strongly preferred and that afternoon appointments may not be available. During summer, the office will be open for business from 8a to 12p, Monday through Friday. We use the summer afternoon hours for projects and planning and thus the doors may be locked and the phones may not be answered after lunch. All are asked to plan their business with Susan accordingly. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

TLMN This Sunday • This Sunday, following the 5p Latin Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass Society of Natchitoches will host their monthly supper and meeting. All are welcome to attend - covered dishes and\or libations are very welcome but not required. Food may be dropped off in the hall prior to Mass. 

Parish Pilgrimage • Our Parish pilgrimage to Fatima, Spain and Lourdes is approaching this October. We’ll have the opportunity to visit the Eucharistic Miracle of Santsarem, the incredible sites of Our Lady’s all important apparitions at Fatima, the famous pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compastella (including the incredible Botafumiero) and the medieval city of Avila where St. Teresa lived. For those experiencing ailments, the miraculous shrine at Lourdes is considered the place to visit. We will have three days in that city to visit the holy sites and to experience the miraculous waters. Those interested can fine more information on our pilgrimage website at There are five seats we’d really like to fill up before the trip in order to make certain venues a little easier to access.  If you or someone you know is interested in making a spiritual pilgrimage to these holy sites, please invite them to take a look at our website or to call the office. Thanks!

Confirmation • Bishop Herzog will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with our high schoolers on Saturday, May 28 at the 4p Mass. A rehearsal for the Mass and the opportunity to go to confession will take place at 9a that same day. Students are asked to arrive to practice promptly at 9a and to arrive for the Confirmation Mass with their sponsors no later than 3p. The dress code has already been provided to students. Please keep all of our young people in your prayers as they anticipate this important moment in their lives!



“We are Parthians, Medes, and Elamites, inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya near Cyrene, as well as travelers from Rome, both Jews and converts to Judaism, Cretans and Arabs, yet we hear them speaking in our own tongues of the mighty acts of God.”

In many ways, the mission of the Church is summed up right here in this one sentence. Despite all the distinctions that we as human beings have, what we need is to hear someone speak to us - in our own language - of the mighty acts of God. The cultures listed are intended to convey to readers that these people were from all over the world. The Parthian empire (which included Media and Elam) is modern day Iran. Mesopotamia is northern Iraq. Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia (Minor) are all in modern Turkey. Phrygia and Pamphylia are on the other side of Turkey nearer to Istanbul. Egypt, Libya and (Saudi) Arabia were then as they are today and we know where Rome and the Isle of Crete. This was the entire known world and, interestingly, Jerusalem was kind of in the center of it. Jerusalem was surrounded by these several great powers who were constantly at war with each other. (It was a tough place to be when the battles got bad.) They had a multitude of different gods and religions. They didn’t agree about much of anything and they mostly hated one another. And into this moment, while this area was under Roman control, Jesus came into our world and established His Church and told His apostles to speak to these people of the mighty acts of God…

Since then, the Church has gone to every one of these great powers and to every power that has arisen since then and proclaimed the mighty acts of God. St. Francis of Assisi famously traveled from Italy to the Middle East to try and convert an Islamic Sultan. The king was so enamored of the young Christian that he didn’t have him killed on the spot for blasphemy and actually invited him to stick around for a few weeks. In our own neck of the woods, St. Jean de Brebeuf came to the Huron Indians living in modern Canada. He learned their language and established a Church. He spoke to them in their own language of the mighty acts of God and they responded with profound faithfulness. 

The same tale has been lived out over and over again. And so the mission of the Church is fulfilled. Even those who have heard the stories need to hear them again and again - in language we can understand. This is the mission of the Church, to proclaim. In every age and in every language the Church is present to speak of the mighty acts of God under the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit so that people may come to believe and thus be saved!


I began my life of faith deeply involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. I prayed in tongues, experienced all manner of mystical and pseudo-mystical phenomenon. I sang and danced at small group prayer meetings. As Shakespeare might’ve said, “those were the salad days.” They were wonderful and filled to overflowing with emotion and intensity. I remember so fondly Pope St. John Paul II walking out on the balcony in 1998 and greeting a worldwide gathering of representatives of the Charismatic Renewal. He spoke of “new moments” appearing all over the world as a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work in our world. And the Holy Spirit is at work!

The great challenge of believing that the Holy Spirit is at work - whether in my life, personally, or in the a particularly Church parish, or in the whole world - is that work must bring about growth and change and development. If the Holy Spirit is at work, then whatever is being worked upon should be different between the time the work begins and now… 

In a world that has made an idol of change, the Church, Herself, and we Her children cannot allow ourselves to lose sight of the fact that we have the Truth which, alone, is capable of providing stability and grounding. In a world that literally can’t tell the difference between male and female, the Church remains the bastion of sanity and the keeper of reality.

We, as Catholics, must be willing to be changed by the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean that we should be willing to put stickers on our cars or icons on Facebook. I don’t mean supporting Satanic distortions of equality or tolerance. Rather, I mean we must be willing to be changed and molded so that we may be put to use by the Holy Spirit to return sanity to our world in order that souls may be saved! Our Lady at Fatima warned that many, many souls would be lost in this age - perhaps more than will be saved.

Certainly people like St. Francis of Assisi didn’t start out ready to rebuild the Church. Neither did St. Augustine or St. Maximilian Kolbe or Mother Theresa come into this world ready to stand up for truth against insurmountable odds. Rather, they let the Holy Spirit work on them. They let the work of God take effect. And that’s what God asks of us. He asks that we let the Holy Spirit work on us. He asks that we allow ourselves to be changed. He asks that we resist the temptation to trade our sanity for a place in this world. He asks that we refuse to bow down before the golden calf of progress and change for it’s own sake. God has made each of us for a purpose - but that purpose requires preparation. After all, the pieces on the chess board don’t really matter until the master has put them into place.

The Holy Spirit is ready at a moment’s notice to go to work on those who are ready to be changed and transformed - may this Pentecost be that day for us and for our parish!


The mystery of the resurrection and of Pentecost is proclaimed and lived by the Church, which has inherited and which carries on the witness of the Apostles about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. She is the perennial witness to this victory over death which revealed the power of the Holy Spirit and determined his new coming, his new presence in people and in the world. For in Christ's Resurrection the Holy Spirit-Paraclete revealed himself especially as he who gives life: "He who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit which dwells in you.” In the name of the Resurrection of Christ the Church proclaims life, which manifested itself beyond the limits of death, the life which is stronger than death. At the same time, she proclaims him who gives this life: the Spirit, the Giver of Life; she proclaims him and cooperates with him in giving life. For "although your bodies are dead because of sin, your spirits are alive because of righteousness,” the righteousness accomplished by the Crucified and Risen Christ. And in the name of Christ's Resurrection the Church serves the life that comes from God himself, in close union with and humble service to the Spirit.

Precisely through this service man becomes in an ever new manner the "way of the Church," as I said in the Encyclical on Christ the Redeemer and as I now repeat in this present one on the Holy Spirit. United with the Spirit, the Church is supremely aware of the reality of the inner man, of what is deepest and most essential in man, because it is spiritual and incorruptible. At this level the Spirit grafts the "root of immortality,” from which the new life springs. This is man's life in God, which, as a fruit of God's salvific self-communication in the Holy Spirit, can develop and flourish only by the Spirit's action. Therefore St. Paul speaks to God on behalf of believers, to whom he declares "I bow my knees before the Father..., that he may grant be strengthened with might through his Spirit in the inner man."

In the midst of the problems, disappointments and hopes, desertions and returns of these times of ours, the Church remains faithful to the mystery of her birth. While it is an historical fact that the Church came forth from the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost, in a certain sense one can say that she has never left it. Spiritually the event of Pentecost does not belong only to the past: the Church is always in the Upper Room that she bears in her heart.

— Pope St. John Paul II, Dominum et Vivificantem, On TheHoly Spirit in the Life of the Church & The World



  • Sat 4p Sp. Intentions, Joe Bienvenu, Lallah P. Hill, Luther & Rae Laborde
  • Sat 5:30p Justin Wyatt
  • Sun 9a John Bacon
  • Sun 11a Mike Bouchie, Lesley Bailey-Gates, Mary M. Young, Ann Lee Alford
  • Sun 5p Pro Populo
  • Mon 6:30a Lisa
  • Tue 6:30a LTC James Reichel
  • Wed 6:30a Judy Risty
  • Thu 6:30a Lillie Meshell
  • Fri 6:30a Edith Roop
  • Sat 8a Raymond Arthur
  • Sat 4p Cora Lee & Tom Baker, Parents of Levi & Vonnie Thompson
  • Sat 5:30p Justin Wyatt
  • Sun 9a Laura Jo Johnson
  • Sun 11a Janis Abraham, Sp. Intentions, Sue Dearman, Frank Cappiello
  • Sun 5p Pro Populo


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