From The Font

“Immediately the man’s ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly. Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone. But the more He ordered them not to, the more they proclaimed it.”

Jesus seems to want to keep his miracle-working a secret, even as He is teaching larger and larger crowds… And Jesus knows what’s in the hearts of His enemies, but He seems unable to realize that those He heals are compelled by love and thanksgiving to proclaim the Glory of God…

Of course, nothing in the Gospels is there by accident. What we have here is a juxtaposition between Divine Wisdom and Human… Humanity. God knows that miracles only bolster faith in the short term. Our Human minds are fickle and we quickly forget emotional moments - even astounding ones. That’s why we hire wedding photographers and pass down keepsakes. Jesus certainly knows that His words are falling on deaf ears in asking the newly healed to keep quiet. Of course, Jesus knew who would listen to His sermon on the Holy Eucharist in John 6. He knew who would walk away from Him and who would stay. 

We have to remember that these same people were witness to miracles - several of them. They watched Him multiply food. They saw Him heal. And after one hard sermon, they moved along. How many Christians find themselves doing the same thing nowadays? A new priest - maybe one whose speech is hard to understand - comes to town and people relocate to another Catholic Church or to the Protestant Church closer to the house… Miracles - great and small, from a miraculous healing the miracle of the Holy Eucharist at every Mass - do not make for long-term faith. And so, Jesus typically asks those He heals to be quiet about it. He’s not looking to hide His gifts, but to focus those gifts in the ones who received them. 

When we turn our attention to this man in today’s Gospel, we see a little more nuance. Jesus has set this man free with a new gift - in this case a gift of speech - and He sets limits on that gift. We can imagine that after the initial excitement wore off, the newly speech-empowered man would have grown in wisdom and followed the orders of Jesus to keep quiet. But in the short term, the world of religion-as-rule-following was replaced by religion-as-supernatural. That kind of shift changes everything. It ties together the head, the heart and the spirit. And that is where miracles do have lasting effect. They de-compartmentalize us. They break the typical boundaries that ordinariness imposes. They show who we are supposed to be - even if it is only for a short time. 

Insights From Second Street

Tuesday, September 8, is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In short, it’s Mary’s birthday celebration. I have to admit that I have a special fondness for the feast after my wonderful time in Campti. It’s a nostalgic, almost romantic, vision: Mary’s Birthday… 

Why do we celebrate birthdays anyway? They’re not celebrations of accomplishment. They’re not celebrations of God doing something super - that happened nine months earlier. It’s a fairly random day and yet there’s something so wonderfully human about taking advantage of any excuse to celebrate and to feast. Whether it’s the anniversary of some event - be it a birth, a wedding or an historical happening - or merely an arbitrary day appointed for celebration - be it Easter Sunday, Mary’s Birthday or Labor Day - we humans need the full spectrum of life: ordinary time, celebration and mourning. 

Pope Francis has spoken at length about the danger of Christians becoming overly grave to the point of being dour. And that’s a real danger when we think too much on what you or I need to do to “fix” something - the world, the Church, our families, our communities… Of course, the opposite is also a risk. When we think wrongly about things like heaven and hell, human nature and our mission in this life, we become ungrounded and disordered. It’s when we orient ourselves toward the Lord and look to Him in all things that we find a natural balance.

The Catholic who looks to the Lord in prayer and in the Church will find many days of feasting and celebration! There are the biggies: Easter, Christmas, Sundays throughout the year. But little feasts like Mary’s Birthday and Basilican Feast Days and the feasts of personal patrons dot the entire year. The prayerful Catholic will also be led to certain days of mourning and repentance. Obviously, there’s Lent. But there’s also every Friday throughout the year when we are to abstain from meat and prayerfully consider the crucifixion. There may also be days of mourning for particularly bad sins in our past or just days that we choose to mourn in reparation for our sins. There’s also Ordinary days in which we will pray, offer little penances and do little works of mercy. Most days will be somewhere in the middle. 

This entire spirituality is built right into the Church’s liturgical calendar. And it’s not an accident. It’s truly human! Anyone who excludes one part of the equation is missing something! We need feasts. We need fasts. We need ordinary days and we need arbitrary moments to which we can assign joy. So enjoy Monday. Eat dessert. Mary probably wasn’t born on the 8th, but that’s when the Church celebrates. Happy Feast Day!

Rome Speaks

By: Vatican Council II • From: Lumen Gentium #10

Christ the Lord, High Priest taken from among men, made the new people "a kingdom and priests to God the Father". The baptized, by regeneration and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are consecrated as a spiritual house and a holy priesthood, in order that through all those works which are those of the Christian man they may offer spiritual sacrifices and proclaim the power of Him who has called them out of darkness into His marvelous light. Therefore all the disciples of Christ, persevering in prayer and praising God, should present themselves as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. Everywhere on earth they must bear witness to Christ and give an answer to those who seek an account of that hope of eternal life which is in them.

Though they differ from one another in essence and not only in degree, the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial or hierarchical priesthood are nonetheless interrelated: each of them in its own special way is a participation in the one priesthood of Christ. The ministerial priest, by the sacred power he enjoys, teaches and rules the priestly people; acting in the person of Christ, he makes present the Eucharistic sacrifice, and offers it to God in the name of all the people. But the faithful, in virtue of their royal priesthood, join in the offering of the Eucharist. They likewise exercise that priesthood in receiving the sacraments, in prayer and thanksgiving, in the witness of a holy life, and by self-denial and active charity.

Parish News

PARISH OFFICE CLOSED Monday, Sept. 7th, the Parish Office will be closed in observance of Labor Day. The Office will re-open Tuesday, Sept. 8th, at 8am. We pray that everyone has fun-filled and safe holiday!

TUESDAY, SEPT. 8th, IS MARY’S BIRTHDAY! Nine months after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8th), we can now celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary! We will be celebrating Our Mother’s birthday with the usual Tuesday Mass (6:30a at MBIC). Everyone is invited to attend and encouraged to make Tuesday, Sept. 8th, a special day in honor of Our Lady.

ST. MARY’S TAA Tiger Athletic Association membership packages are now available to purchase. Contact the school or any of our student athletes to purchase tickets a membership package. 

MBIC GIFT SHOP The September edition of the Magnificat and other new merchandise has arrived at the Gift Shop. Come by and see us sometime!

ST. MARY’S FOOTBALL The next regular season SMS Football game will be Thurs., 9/10, against North Caddo. Kickoff is at 7p in Turpin Stadium. Pray for a safe, fun and victorious season. GO TIGERS! 

LAY LED EVENTS Thank you to all of our enthusiastic parishioners who are taking the call of Vatican II to lay leadership seriously! On Monday evenings, a Bible Study group meets in the Rectory at 6p. On Wednesdays, a Rosary Group meets in the Church at 10:30a. Our St. Vincent de Paul group meets twice monthly on Tuesday.

KC BINGO The Knights of Columbus #1357 host weekly Bingo nights every Wednesday beginning at 7pm and on the second Sunday of every month. Proceeds from these events go to support all of our local Catholic Churches as well as other worthy causes like the N.A.R.C., the Special Olympics and St. Mary’s School to name only a few. All are welcome.

ADDITIONAL SATURDAY MASSES CONTINUED Fr. Ryan will continue offering an additional Saturday evening Mass at St. Mary’s School at 5:30p. The Mass will count for your weekend obligation. All are welcome.

Parish Events

  • Sat, 9/5, Holy Mass at SMS Chapel @ 5:30p
  • Mon, 9/7, *Labor Day* MBIC Parish Office CLOSED & SMS NO SCHOOL
  • Tue, 9/8, KC1357 Meeting, 6:45p
  • Wed, 9/9, CCD, & Wed. Night Adult Catechism, 6-7:30p @ St. Mary’s
  • Thu, 9/10, SMS vs. North Caddo - 7p @ Turpin Stadium
  • Sat, 9/12, Holy Mass at SMS Chapel @ 5:30p
  • Tue, 9/15, CDA Meeting, 6p
  • Wed, 9/16, CCD, & Wed. Night Adult Catechism, 6-7:30p @ St. Mary’s
  • Fri, 9/18, SMS vs. Plain Dealing - 7p (Away)
  • Sat, 9/19, Holy Mass at SMS Chapel @ 5:30p
  • Tue, 9/22, SVdP Meeting, 6:30p in Hall
  • Wed, 9/23, CCD, & Wed. Night Adult Catechism, 6-7:30p @ St. Mary’s
  • Fri, 9/25, SMS vs. Loyola - 7p (Away)
  • Sat, 9/26, Holy Mass at SMS Chapel @ 5:30p
  • Wed, 9/30, CCD, 6-7:30p @ St. Mary’s


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Within the Sanctuary

Sat 9/5 4p Kathleen Hicks, (Lector) • Mickey Hennigan, Nita Maggio, (EMHC-CI) • Thibodaux, (Altar Boys)

Sun 9/6 9a Micheal King, (Lector) • Alice Barrios, (EMHC-CI) • Lirettes, (Altar Boys)

Sun 9/6 11a Greg Burke, (Lector) • Patsy Melder, (EMHC-CI) • J.Burrell, A. & J. Parker, (Altar Boys)

Sat 9/12 4p Laura Jo Johnson, (Lector) • Carl Henry, Jimmy Gunter, (EMHC) • J.Friedel, D.Bennett, (Altar Boys)

Sun 9/13 9a Karen Apponey, (Lector) • Buddy Giering, (EMHC) • J. Miley, P. & M. Vienne, (Altar Boys)

Sun 9/13 11a Ed Giering, (Lector) • Cecilia Cook, (EMHC) • C. Fisher, M. Leone, S. Maggio, (Altar Boys)

*Altar Boys who are not scheduled may serve if space permits. Come to the Sacristy 10 minutes before Mass.

Memorials & Prayer Intentions
Holy Masses

  • Sat 4p: Donald Gongre, Mike Bouchie, Sue Dearman, & Francis Michael
  • Sat 5:30p: Marva Cunningham
  • Sun 9a: Pro Populo
  • Sun 11a: Mark Duhe
  • Sun 5p: Charlie Humphries
  • Mon 6:30a: A.B. Chenault
  • Mon 8a: Raymond Arthur
  • Tue 6:30a: Brian Stuart
  • Wed 6:30a: Pop Hyams
  • Thu 6:30a: Andrew Maggio
  • Fri 6:30a: Mary Jean Thomas
  • Sat 8a: Mark Birch

Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for this Month are that the mentally disabled may receive the love and help they need for a dignified life. And that Christians, inspired by the Word of God, may serve the poor and suffering.

Please pray for our Sick & Suffering: Lolette Allen, Teresa Arafat, Flay Rose Balthazar, Maudie Baranowski, William Lynn Basco, Cletus Bauer, Chad Bouchie, Mary-Lou Brasher, Marion Brossette, Flo Brouillette, Darlene Bynog, Bailey Byrd, Carolyn Carter, Marie Charleville, Emilia Cofio, Peggy Cooper, Kim Cunningham, Lela Mae Dalme, Joe Davis, John DeFee, RJ Ducote, Jayce Estep, Angela Eversall, Tom Foshee, Reba Friday, Paula Gagymad, Kramer Gahagan, Vicki Gahagan, Patsy Gallion, Anne Giering, Sophie Gill, Jeff Green, Ross Gwinn, Tammy Hall, Andy Harrington, Curt Harrington, Joyce Hayne, Deborah G. Hernandez, Sue Van Hook, Kalita Jones, Michael Kearney, EvaGrace Keyser, Gary Kilgore, Angelette LaCour, Jheanny Ladao, Samuel Lane, Raymond Litton, Jaden Eli Lodridge, Patricia Loftin, Joseph Longo, Irene Lynche, Brittany MacBrown, Lisa Mack, Dominic Majorie, Barbara Manshack, Danny Manuel, Jack McCain Jr., Meg Michael, Lacey Mitchum, Gary Murphy, Shane Niette, Mary Odom, Sue Prudhomme, Judy Risty, Sharon Roach, Wes Rollo, Makaehan Ross, Shirley Roy, Joseph Ryan, Donna Slaughter, Meredith St. Andre, Lil Taylor, Clay Thompson, Mariano Timotio, Ren Todtenbier, Brent Trichel, Patricia Vazquez, Julien Vienne, Ruthie J. Wallboughly, Jessica Warner, Charlene White, Glen & Mary Williams, Marilyn Williams, Laura Young, & Melinda Zolzer